Leagues and Tournaments

The TEAM COMPETITION comes in the form of our AAU/Club team.  There are two types of teams;

  • League/Local AAU Tournament Teams &
  • Elite Traveling Club Teams.

The primary difference is the level of commitment and skill level.

Elite Travelling teams play the best competition from all over the country and is for the very serious basketball player.  This is a high degree of commitment.  In addition to playing in local leagues, these teams may travel to places like Reno, Los Angeles, Las Vegas annually to compete against the top competition around.  The players on these teams must be invited to play.  Additional cost include travel & lodging to non-local tournaments

League/AAU teams play in local basketball leagues and tournaments.  Usually we will play an 3 to 4 local AAU tournaments and practice once a week as well.  

Special Programs

A lesson with the focus on doing each basketball fundamental the correct way; 1) dribbling, passing and shooting; 2) coordinated movement with and without the basketball; 3) stance, cuts and pivots, fundamental footwork and balance; i.e. maintaining your center of gravity.  Cost for a one hour private lesson is $40.00.

These are group lessons in a 1on1, 2on2 or 3on3 format.  ONE-on-ONE play focuses on individual use of the correct fundamental based upon what the offense or defense is doing.  These are one hour sessions and the cost is $30.00 per player.  TWO-on-TWO play focuses on; 1) Pick and Roll game; 2) Wing and Post; 3) Weak Side play; or 4) Pass & Cut/Back Door game for the first 30 minutes and then 30 minutes of play.   These are one hour sessions and the cost is $20.00 per player.  THREE-on-THREE play focuses on; 1) Off ball screens; 2) Movement off of screens; 3) Triangle Offense (Strong Side); or 4) Drive and Kick for the first 30 minutes and then 30 minutes of play.   These are one hour sessions and the cost is $15.00 per player.

These camps are seven (7) hours in duration and cover all of the aspects of the basketball fundamental and teamwork playing aspects of the game.  The mornings are dedicated to basketball fundamentals in an individual and group format. The afternoon session focuses more on the aspect of playing basketball in a team format.  Awards are give at the conclusion of the day camp for individual and team excellence.  These camps are usually in the summer.  The cost for these day camps is Seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per player.

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